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Fleas are a very common problem in homes especially those with dogs and cats. They are frequently be found when moving into a home that previously had pets.

There are many species of fleas, with the main concern being the distress that flea bites cause people and their pets.

The biggest infestations are normally from pets, however there is also a human flea, which though looks similar always lives on humans as apposed to pets.

The best thing to keep fleas away is regular flea treatment to your animals, followed by frequent and regular vacuuming. However in some circumstances a flea outbreak can occur which you will need specialist help.

Flea Control
Falcon Pest Control can help you with an outbreak. We can treat for all types of fleas, this may require two visits, approximately three weeks apart. This is because of the life cycle of a flea. (
see the diagram to the right)

It starts with the laying of eggs by an adult female, these then turn into larvae and then feed, normally from dried blood and adult faeces, but also other vegetable matter. Given the correct amount of food the larvae will then turn into a pupae within one to two weeks. They may remain in this state for up to 2 years until they receive a signal that a host is near - vibrations (including sound), heat, and carbon dioxide are all stimuli indicating the probable presence of a host. On hatching they become an adult flea. The flea then jumps onto the host, normally around the ankles and lower leg.

flea control
  If this cycle is not broken then they will just keep re-infesting. Falcon Pest Control's treatment cycle kills adult fleas and the eggs plus the lava, the second treatment kills the now emerged pupae and any new eggs laid.

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