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Falcon Pest Control in Leicester

Falcon Pest Control offers a complete pest control service in Leicester.

Our services cover all areas of pest control from small to large projects.
So if you have any sort of pest problem in Leicester then call Falcon Pest Control now, to eradicate your problem.

We also offer in Leicester, ground and garden maintenance for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. This service covers landscaping, clearance work etc. Being in Leicester, you would be well located for Falcon Pest Control services.

Falcon Pest Control in Leicester are fully insured for all our work for schools, cemeteries, golf courses, sports fields, council and the local authority.

All our clients in Leicester have come to expect excellent customer service at a competitive price, that is what Falcon Pest Control does, time after time with brilliant customer feed back.

Remember that Falcon Pest Control cover Leicester on a regular basis, so just contact us for a no obligation quote on any of our services on this website.


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