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Mice are widespread throughout the UK. They are usually more troublesome in autumn and early winter than at other times of year.  These rodents can be a serious health risk, particularly in kitchens or where children play, as they carry many diseases such as Salmonella (serious food poisoning),  Leptospirosis (jaundice contaminated drinks and food), Lyme Disease (caused by tick bites carried on the mouse), and the Hantavirus (from mouse droppings).

Mice control
The reason there are more problems in the autumn is that all mice are looking for nice warm locations that are frost free to overwinter, so rural properties will suffer more problems with field mice at this time of year as they converge on properties to gain that all important winter protection.

The common house mouse is around in built up areas all year round but even this mouse appears to become more of a problem in the autumn and winter months due to the same problem.

Damage Caused by Mice
Mice have a fantastic talent for causing damage as well as spreading diseases through contamination. They go from place to place nibbling off small amounts of food, they also nibble wood and electric cables to wear down the front teeth as they keep growing like your fingernails. This damage can result in extreme cases house fires.

Falcon Pest Control can help you with any mouse problems, as your local friendly and knowledgeable technician who provides convenient, effective solutions to eliminate mice from your home or garden, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

mice and mouse control

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