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These fascinating and hard working little creatures lead most of their existence under ground. Most people know little about their way of life. The first thing anybody is aware of a mole being present is their notorious mole hills. For someone who keeps a well groomed lawn, it can induce absolute panic on how to solve the problem.
People will try every urban mythe (and there are many) to remove the mole. The only really sure solution is to employ a professional mole control expert, such as Falcon Pest Control, and usually wish they had done so a long time ago!!

Why do they create mole hills?
To dig any hole you need to put the waste soil somewhere, they dig long tunnels to find and feed on earthworms and grubs.

Why control moles?
Moles are a pest to many gardeners and farmers.  They cause damage to gardens and other locations  such as cricket pitches, golf courses, and other recreational areas such as bowling greens. The effect can be merely aesthetic but can also lead financial loss, like on racecourses, grass airstrips and sports fields. Moles create molehills that can be a health and safety issue and potentially cause injury to those using the facility.

Farmers report a wide range of problems due to moles, which include:

damage to agricultural machinery
damage to drainage systems and watercourses
damage to young plants including wilting (which can reduce yield and quality)

mole control
  weed invasion and subsequent degeneration of pasture with molehills.
contamination of silage with Clostridium or Listeria. This is from moles hills gathered up with silage grass as  it is being mown at harvest.

Best way to control moles?
Trapping is a reliable and humane method which can be used in almost any situation, other methods include the use of poisonous gases which as its limitations. Falcon  pest control staff are qualified in both methods of control and will advise which is the best approach.

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