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Grey squirrels mainly reside in woodland areas but are a common in urban areas where it lives in parks and gardens. Very occasionally squirrels will enter roof spaces of houses and other buildings by climbing the walls or jumping from nearby trees.

Squirrels are not a threat to humans, but it is the damage they cause especially if they have entered a roof space to wiring and roof fabric. The Red squirrel is protected and is unlikely to be encountered locally. However the Grey squirrel is a serious pest in some situations, such as causing damage to woodland by stripping bark from the trees and eating fruit, cereals and vegetables in parks and gardens.

How do I know you have squirrels?
If you get squirrels nesting in your attic you will hear scratching noises  that can be heard day and at night. The visible signs of squirrels is torn loft insulation, chewed wires and squirrel droppings, Bird feeders are a great attraction to squirrels, with easy access to food.

Squirrels Control & Proofing
Control is achieved by trapping with cage or spring traps, poisoning and in some cases shooting.

As part of any treatment where squirrels have gained access to a property, Falcon Pest Control will advise you on the point of entry and relevant measures, including proofing against access. If you require assistance in neutralising a squirrel problem or want to proof your premises against squirrels, contact  Falcon Pest Control for expert squirrel control solutions.

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