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Summertime in the UK is the time for wasps. There are seven species of social wasps, four of which can be found in the UK, Superficially they are all alike.
All common wasps have a sharp tapered abdomen stripped in black and yellow, their head and thoraxes are mostly black in colour. The exception being the Hornet the largest of our wasps with a reddish brown & black patterned thorax. All wasps have a great reputation for stinging, unlike Bees (which only sting once) wasps can sting multiple times if disturbed or if they feel threatened.
Falcon Pest Control offers safe and effective wasp treatments to our customers

Treatment of Wasps
Under no circumstance must you try DIY wasp nest removal or treatment if the wasp nest you find is indoors or is difficult to access, especially if you are sensitive to stings. The wasp when it attacks as a group can be very intensive, and without the proper equipment can be very dangerous.

We have specialists at Falcon Pest Control who offer a fast, effective and affordable service to safely treat wasp problems within your home or garden. Trained professionals carry personal protective equipment and will be fully insured to remove wasp nests safely.

Getting rid of Bees
Being stung by a bee is quite rare event as they are less aggressive than wasps or hornets. Some bees however cannot sting, others such as the bumble or solitary bee only sting if roughly handled. Honey bees may sting if provoked or they feel you are too close to their hive.

A sting can be life threatening to those who are allergic to stings and may suffer anaphylactic shock.

Bees are highly beneficial to our environment, allowing pollination of our crops. Sadly some


species such as the honey bee are under attack by the varroa mite, which along with unfavourable farming practices is destroying large numbers of wild bees. Bee Keepers safeguard some of our remaining colonies. So any loss is a disaster.

The main problem with bees is when the queen decides to move the colony to a new location; this location may well be a nearby tree or even your house. This is when you can call Falcon Pest Control. Where possible we will relocate the whole colony to a safe place, as they are now almost a protect species. However only as a very last resort will we treat the bees.

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